Many Australian homes have been built with suspended timber floors, and a large percentage of those houses suffer to some degree from problems due to poor sub floor ventilation.

Many problems that arise within the area of pest control are usually moisture related or are dependent on higher than normal moisture levels. Wood decay, termites and even certain cockroach species are favored by abnormal moisture levels.

Correct sub-floor ventilation helps improve the overall health of the home by preventing timber decay and discouraging termite activity by creating an airy light environment and minimises other pest activity such as spiders and cockroaches.

It is important to note that even though your home may be elevated off the ground it does not mean that you have adequate sub-floor ventilation as your home still needs cross flow ventilation circulating air underneath it to keep the environment dry. Other advantages of our ventilation system include no running costs and minimal maintenance required.

How the service is carried out?

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