There are thousands of species of spider in Australia, ranging from outdoor to indoor, venomous to non-venomous and web spinning to ground dwelling. Australia has some of the most venomous spiders in the world, and during warm weather they can become a problem both inside and outside the home.

How you can prepare prior to the treatment?

If we are carrying out a general pest spray, prior to this service it is best you mow your lawn, ensure your pets water and food bowls are turned over and toys removed from the floor, children's toys and belongings to also be removed from the floor. Furniture does not need to be moved prior to our services.

Preparing your home prior to our service will make our treatment work more efficiently. 

How the service is carried out?

Our technicians carry out a thorough spray treatment to all external ground and garden areas around the home where ground dwelling spiders may be living. Ground dwelling spiders live in burrows beneath the soil, in gardens and under logs and rocks.


The best way to prevent ground spiders and other hunting spiders starts with eliminating their food. Since these spiders eat insects that crawl, inspect the outside for insect entryways. Ground-level entrances should be closed. Check exterior doors to be sure they close properly. Replace any missing weather-stripping. Check basement windows and crawlspace vents for proper screens. Squares of plastic screen can prevent insects from using weep holes as entrances to the home.



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