Fleas are external parasites living off the blood of mammals and birds. Flea eggs are laid in batches of twenty or so usually on the host. The eggs then fall onto the ground and take between two days and two weeks to hatch. Fleas attack a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats and humans. They cause an itching sensation and sometimes an allergic reaction leading to a rash and flea bites can remain itchy and inflamed for up to several weeks.

How you can prepare prior to the treatment?

Mow the lawn as close to the day of service as possible and if the weather is warm water the lawn and ensure the lawn is free of toys. All carpeted areas must be thoroughly vacuumed and the vacuum bag disposed of in a sealed plastic bag. All pets should be treated for fleas, preferably by a vet. Any infested animal bedding must be thoroughly washed or disposed of.

How the service is carried out?

​MLC technicians will service all areas of your property providing immediate relief for you and your family. Adult fleas will be affected by the service immediately and any eggs that the fleas have laid will hatch over the next fourteen days and as they hatch they will come in contact with the applied service and die off, breaking the cycle. There are no unpleasant odours in your home after the service and the technician will advise you on how to best avoid a further infestation in the future.


Make sure your dog or cat are upto date with their flea treatments and also regularly mowing your lawn will also help prevent future flea problems.



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