One of Australia’s most common home invaders. Cockroaches feed on a diet of rotting garbage and food scraps.

The best remedy for a problem is always to go to the source — in this case, the cockroach nest. They tend to congregate in cracks in walls, skirting boards or inside cupboards, as well as under movable appliances. 

How you can prepare prior to the treatment?

If we are carrying out a general pest spray, prior to this service it is best you mow your lawn, ensure your pets water and food bowls are turned over and toys removed from the floor, children's toys and belongings to also be removed from the floor. Furniture does not need to be moved prior to our services.

Preparing your home prior to our service will make our treatment work more efficiently. 

How the service is carried out?

German Cockroaches
Cockroach gel is applied to all kitchen cupboards and under any electrical appliances as these species of Cockroach like anything that produces heat for e.g. dishwashers, fridges, microwaves, kettles etc.

All other types of Cockroaches

With the interior of the home, a light spray is applied throughout the house along all the skirting boards.

When treating the roof void and subfloor areas, our Technician will first inspect these areas and using an electrical pulsar apply the powder to all parts of the roof void and subfloor areas, (if applicable).

External areas of the property are sprayed including all fence lines, perimeter of house, sheds, play equipment, clothesline, around garden areas, under eaves and around the windows.


All it takes is a combination of keeping your home clean and tidy (which will make it less attractive to cockroaches). For long-term prevention, it’s important to try to mop up any spills as soon as they happen, keep things tidy and store your food in sealed containers.

As with all pest protection, be sure to take your rubbish out regularly. For pet owners, cleaning your companions’ food bowls every night will stop them from hanging around.



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