Each summer, householders complain of bites by a small insect or mite. They are however, bird mites commonly associated with bird nesting in or near houses (particularly under eaves) or roosting in trees nears houses. Most victims first realise that they have bird mite when red weals start to appear on their skin. 

How you can prepare prior to the treatment?

Please ensure general housekeeping is carried out prior to our service. Preparing your home prior to our service will make our treatment work more efficiently. 

How the service is carried out?

Our technicians pre-inspect the inside and outside of the house prior to application of the service to locate the nest. This service is much more effective if the location of the nest is known. We do not use air borne sprays inside the home and we will service the nest area which will eliminate the problem and stop the mites entering your home. While on site, the technician will be able to give you a quote to bird proof your property based on how the birds are gaining entry and if possible carry out the bird proofing on the day.


Any food left over from a dog or cat needs to be removed after each feeding to prevent birds from hanging around as they will be in search for food.



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